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Our Booking PolicyTo help us help you best, please follow these guidelines: Max 2 appointments per week; No back-to-back appointments; Inform the tutor if you're late or need to cancel. Missing 3 appointments without notification means you can no longer visit the WLC



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The Writing and Learning Center provides students with personalized, academic support and leadership opportunities regarding all forms of writing, communication and learning. We also assist students in writing towards career and graduate school goals. One-on-one sessions with peer editors and tutors promote self-reliance, critical thinking skills, good writing and research skills, and academic integrity.

To help us help you best, please follow these guidelines:
- Limit your appointments to 2/week.
- Avoid booking back-to-back appointments.
- Inform the tutor if you are going to be late or need to cancel. If you miss 3 appointments without notifying us, we will no longer accept your bookings.

Opening hours

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Booking policy


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